Our Story

Our Story

CTAC was founded in 1996 by people living with HIV who were determined to improve access to rapidly developing HIV treatments – many people were dying and access to the right medical treatment was often the difference between life and death.


The small advocacy organization soon grew into a national body with representation across Canada, as people living with HIV came together to fight for better treatment access for all people living with HIV. In 2010 we added hepatitis C co-infection to our mandate and since then have continued to fight for better access, care and support for people living with HIV and hepatitis C in Canada.

Our achievements include:

Leading successful efforts that enabled people with HIV/ hepatitis C co-infection to access liver transplants – helping save many lives across Canada.


Helping create processes for patient input to the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) Common Drug Review – to this day the way that the voices of people living with HIV and hepatitis C are heard by prescription drug regulators.

We are proud that we have a large and strong membership of people living with HIV/hepatitis C co-infection and that we are the only national organization requiring all our Board of Directors self-identify as HIV-positive.


This is central to who we are – all our work is evidence-based and informed by people living with HIV and hepatitis C.