Patient Input

Patient Input


We want as many people as possible living with HIV and hepatitis C to have their voices heard by drug regulators.


New drugs are submitted by manufacturers to Health Canada for a Notice of Compliance (NOC). Following the satisfactory review of a submission, an NOC is issued to a manufacturer to signify compliance with Food and Drug Regulations.   In a separate process the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) puts out a call to all patient groups to submit input regarding the drug seeking a NOC.


CTAC regularly contributes to the CADTH Common Drug Review Patient Input process for a number of HIV and hepatitis C drugs.   The experiences and feedback from patients are key in informing the recommendations CADTH makes to publicly funded drug plans throughout Canada.


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CTAC’s Guide to Patient Input


Drawing on our years of experience we have created CTAC’s Guide to Patient Input: Patients Shaping Treatment Choices for anyone who would like to take part in, or organize, patient input.


We believe that the patient input process must be strengthened, with the goal of more organizations and community members contributing to patient input submissions. This will give CADTH a more comprehensive picture of the realities of living with, or caring for someone living with, HIV and/or hepatitis C.


If your organization would like to get more involved in patient input, then we would love to hear from you!


Please contact Amanda Fletcher, at or 613 324 6396 to find out how we could work together to build capacity around the patient input process.


You can read and download CTAC’s Guide to Patient Input in English and  in French. Hard copies can be ordered from the CATIE Ordering Centre.

Previous Consultations


Patient input has been a central part of our work for many years.   We are often the only organization to hold national patient input sessions about new HIV medications under review for submission to CADTH under the Common Drug Review process, and one of three for HCV medications under review.  


In June 2015 CTAC was recognized by CADTH as one of the most active patient groups in Canada, being one of only 17 groups to have provided more than five patient input submissions since 2010.  Since the Common Drug Review (CDR) began accepting patient input submissions in 2010, CTAC has contributed to 31 assessments for HIV and hepatitis C drugs.


CTAC has usually been the sole group to contribute patient input to reviews of new HIV drugs and also contributed to CADTH’s Therapeutic Review of all hepatitis C drugs. 

The 30 assessments that CTAC has contributed to are listed in the table below, RFA means Request for Advice, which is a re-examination of an assessment to allow the expert committee to respond to a question from the public drug plans.


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