What we do


What we do


We improve access to treatment for people living with HIV and hepatitis CWe do this through policy research – identifying and addressing policy barriers in order to enable people to live long, healthy, and happy lives.


Our work empowers patients and healthcare providers – for example by ensuring patients get access to new and better medicines.


We partner with diverse public, private and not-for-profit organizations while rigorous impact assessments and evaluations of our work ensure we are delivering value for money. We are proud that our auditors continue to give us an unqualified, clean opinion.

Our vision:

All people in Canada living with HIV/AIDS or HIV/hepatitis C co-infection or other co-morbidities are accessing the comprehensive testing, treatment, care & support of their choice in order to live full and complete lives with the best possible health outcomes.


The voices of People Living with HIV/AIDS and HIV/hepatitis C co-infection are central to informing HIV & hepatitis C and other co-morbidities treatment access in Canada.

Our mission:

Working to secure and ensure access to testing, treatment, care and support for people in Canada living with HIV/AIDS, HIV/hepatitis C or other co-morbidities to eliminate these diseases as public health threats. Our focus on improving health policies benefits all people living in Canada


Our current work:


CTAC’s current work is focused on the following core areas:


  • Ending the HIV epidemic, including by engaging in community-based research to understand why people with HIV are dropping out of the care cascade.
  • Supporting those living with HIV to manage multiple health conditions and achieve whole health.
  • Eliminating hepatitis C as a public health threat by focussing on treatment access issues.
  • Vigilantly tracking policy changes, with a view to ensuring treatment access.
  • Enabling patients to have a greater voice in policy decisions.